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Spring Marches in Once More! (kind of...)

Lounging in the wading pool at Laugardalslaug in the last days of dark nights

Today just really felt like the first day of Spring from the moment I woke up. Come March, the sun rises measurably earlier and takes its time setting in a long, drawn out, amazing blueness. As I've definitely mentioned here before, it's like someone has flicked a light switch, helping us emerge from the darkness of the ancient Norse month of Þorri and into the hope of Góa

The reason I chose this photo is that soon this scene won't be least not until Tvímánuður ("Two-month") and nighttime darkness arrives again in mid-August. This photo is a few years old, and I consider myself lucky to have gotten it as taking photos at the pools is now pretty much banned. Still, this is the exact scene we experienced on Saturday night when I took my Óðinn and his younger brother Sindri swimming, with the exception that it was way more crowded: locals on dates (a popular thing to do...if it's a first date - or the first meet-up after the first drunken hookup - even better because skin, right?), locals hanging with their posses before going out on the town, locals post-workout (there's a World Class gym and the Laugar Spa - even better for dates! - connected to this pool, Laugardalslaug) and visitors trying out our famous geothermally-heated waters after a long day of exploring the island. Everyone seemed more than content.

So it's been a bit intense here on Iceland Eyes for the past few months, which I'll chalk up to post-holidayness and a restless nation clamoring for change. We'll still get some late season snow, I'm sure, but the first bulb-flowers are starting to poke up through the soil in our yard, and brighter skies always mean brighter hearts and souls, so there's that to look forward to : ) And in case you've never experienced it, or have forgotten what it's like, here's a photo I posted back in 2012 of a three-legged ginger cat at midnight on the Summer Solstice. Yes, it really stays that bright! 

Lots of action, and a three-legged cat, in the Midnight Sun

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