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GUEST PHOTOGRAPHER: Today's guest photographer is Valentína Jóhannsdóttir. This shot is an absolute mind-bender, and I was completely unable to see what the photo was of until she told me. Can you guess? *

How we experience our reality depends, of course, on how we perceive it. For many here in Iceland, the current reality is not such a pleasant one: the state of the nation is still undefined, and heading into a third winter of discontent does not seem like a happy prospect. (For a decent summation of how things stand here on the Lava Rock, read this interview in the Reykjavik Grapevine with Iceland's Minister of Finance.)

We can choose, though, to see things from another angle, and appreciate the luxury of living on this surprisingly verdant island. We are blessed, for example, with what so many do without: clean water. For that alone, I give thanks every day.

*It's a grassy lawn, bleached by sunlight, blued by shadows and smudged by movement! By the way, Valentína is my 13 year old daughter : )


Fred Miller said...

I plan to live there some day. I can't figure out the photo. Looks like fur.

Laura said...

Thought provoking article. Thanks for sharing the link. We all can gain by sharing perspective.