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Strolling along Laugavegur on Friday, I came across a performance piece, Hásálfar, gracefully presented by a trio of artists: performer Sandra Gísladóttir, dancer María Þórdís Ólafsdóttir and electronic musician Viktor Birgisson, who now go by the name Samaris. They are part of an ongoing Creative Summer Groups production by Hitt Húsið, the Cultural and Information Center for Young People, deftly managed by incorrigible Ása Hauksóttir, an artist who has seemingly single-handedly advocated for the youth of our Smoke City for years now. Aside from the entrancing music and subtle artistic display of the trio, what caught my attention was the nature of the material they were performing: their objective is to reanimate the classic Icelandic elves tales in modern dress, to "intertwine folk stories with today's modern society."

What specifically got my attention, though, is the location they performed at: the newly renovated edge of a triangle, where the Nike store used to be, that I dreamt years ago was the location of an Elves Hall. Synchronicity in action.

I received an email today from Sara, who is coming to Iceland in September, asking a classic and important question: what to pack for her trip. The answer is a little bit of everything. Scroll down to the bottom of this post for a more detailed answer, and read this post for a few more hints.

While looking for these posts (using the blogger search box in the top left corner) I ran across a post with links to some important info for visitors. I'll post them again for you here:

Where to Get Good Coffee, Drinking Water, Driving in Iceland, What to Wear (see end of post), Quality Fleece, Taking Care of Your Silver Jewelry, Swimming Pools, The High Cost of Alcohol, Pizza, Reykjavik with Kids, Buying Groceries, Places of Historical Interest.

Read and enjoy!

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